Marc Bodmer

Software Developer, Based in Toronto


What I Do

I am a software developer working at 500px.

My main interests lie in front-end technologies but I am well versed in all types of back-end tech as well.

I enjoy teaching concepts which make developers lives easier. You can find me at various tech meetups and conferences in Toronto.

Personal Interests

When not designing or coding I fill my time with either of the following:

  • I love to travel
  • I enjoy rock climbing
  • I am a squash player
  • I love trying various new types of food
  • And I am a hybrid snowboarder/skier in winter

My latest projects

Dashing Bing News Widget

Coffeescript HTML CSS

Shopify hosted a Dashing dashboard widget contest in which developers had to create new widgets. I created a widget that searched Bing news for the latest updates on a topic of the users choosing.

Ember.js Movie Tracker

Ember.js HTML CSS

While writing an introductory book on Ember.js, I realized I needed some sort of demo application. I created a simple Movie Tracker program which allows you to keep track of which movies you have seen and the rating you give to them.

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